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Streamline your Workflow Stop Duplication and Improve Efficiency

Save Time, Reduce Costs & Eliminate Heaches

A crucial part of any organisation is an efficient administrative and clerical team. I'm sure you agree that the management and distribution of information is critical to smooth running and efficiency.

Ensuring the right people have the correct information at the right time is crucial for any organisation to operate efficiently. Duplication can be time-consuming and demoralising for the team. For some teams, despite best efforts, problems arise when information is inaccurate or not concise, and the recipient misses the point or worse still a vital deadline.

Any of these seem familiar?

  • Maybe, your organisation is doing it the way you've always done it, and you realise that you've outgrown those old systems that are struggling to serve as the business expands?
  • Perhaps your team are pressured continuously, on edge and being so stretched causes conflict in the workplace that doesn't need to be there. Yet, there is no time to work out another way?
  • It may even be that as systems have had to develop in a reactionary way that you know they are inefficient. There is constant worry about things being missed, or mistakes arise that could be avoided.
Getting the Right Information to the Right People

There is a way to work smarter. To increase efficiency and to give the busy administrative staff time to breathe, time to enjoy their work and therefore to increase productivity.

We can help. There is a better way, a way that streamlines, avoids duplication of tasks and ensures that everyone who needs something has it at their fingertips, when they need it.

Put simply; our bespoke systems can change your world at work. Saving time, preventing errors and helping pressurised staff get on with what's important.

We are passionate about developing custom applications and systems that simplify the management and ‘flow’ of information. We believe information needs to be recorded just once and then used wherever and whenever it is required. The required information is either retrieved from existing sources or collected via intuitive electronic forms that can be accessed across a range of devices.

Work Smarter - Reduce Costs – Move into the 21st Century.

You won’t regret it and neither will your staff.

By creating intelligent systems for you we ensure that not only is information readily available, but it is also available in the format most suited for the task at hand. Such as:

On the road travelling between customersGPS on your interactive map shows where the customers are and your live position
A previous caller phones backQuickly view a concise list of all the previous conversations anyone has had with them
Fitter needs to see if the required materials are in stockView company live stock levels on a phone or tablet
Check availability of a piece of equipment or a colleagueCalendars across devices are auto-populated with any bookings or appointments anyone has added
A customer wants to make a table reservation. Or Equipment reservationReservation records update the website with availability
Getting the Right Information to the Right People

These days it is more true than ever that data is knowledge and knowledge is power. All the pieces of information you're collecting and duplicating are obtained just once. Everyday tasks are automated; the system can quickly and easily provide valuable insights, real-time accounts and highlight trends.

Because all organisations work in slightly different ways, there isn’t a one size fits all solution. Don't let anyone tell you there is. Different industries and various organisations have different needs and requirements. Our system is designed and developed around the way you operate - addressing your needs and wants and any sticking points you currently experience. Our system also provides an opportunity to go either partially or entirely paper-free. Any paper-based forms you currently use can be redeveloped into electronic formats. Creating a streamlined timeline; the collected information is accurate and concise.

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