Providing Online Database Applications To Help You Manage The Information You Handle

Passionate About Data Handling

We love coming up with solutions that help all sizes of organisations keep on top of their records and data.

We want the information you handle to flow where it is needed, be simple to process and always accessible.

Get a Bespoke System

We'll work together to develop the custom system you need, integrating with existing ones where possible.

Automate how your records are processed - presenting information to the people that need it in the formats they require.

Streamline and Simplify Information Handling

Have your record keeping processes clear, consistent and accurate.

Use the collected data to automate the sending of SMS/text messages and emails.

Anywhere Anytime Access to Your Records

Get to your online system from wherever you are on whatever device you're using.

Colleagues in the field or on the road can view and update records without having to go back to the office.

Save Time

No more needing to duplicate data entered - information is entered once and used wherever it is needed.

Repetitive administrative processes are automated and efficient.

Affordable and Fair

From only $30 (USD) a month.

No upfront fees, no per-user price and no minimum sign up period.

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Importance of Information and Data Handling

For an organisation to operate successfully, effective information and data handling is key.

People at every stage of a process need to have the right details in order to carry out their role effectively.

Incomplete or inaccurate information slows productivity, increases frustrations and negatively impacts confidence.

Effective information handling is more than just recording everything, you also want to efficiently process the stored information.

You don't want to waste time recording the same information multiple times.

You want information entered once and then available where needed.

You don't want information trapped and idle on dead-end formats like paper or electronic documents.

You want information working for you by automating repetitive tasks and providing valuable insights.

You don't want people navigating through rows of spreadsheet records to find a piece of information.

You want the information available to those that need it in a format that is concise and suitable for the task at hand.